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Web Greeting Cards- Send free greeting cards with sounds today.

Pooh & Friends Card- Send Free Pooh and Friends postcard!

Servizio Giappopostale- Fantistico sito per spedire cartoline con personaggio giapponesi ai tuoi amici! Vale la pena dargli un'occhiata.

Toonscape- Daily single panel cartoons

Anime, Manga, Comic and vdogame eCards- Select from many galleries including ranma 1/2, kenshin, final fantasy, I"s and many more. Free notification email, no ad.

Otaku Web Cards- With over 200 cards from over 20 anime series to choose from, OWC is your best choice for free anime cards on the web!

Jeff Turtle's Turtleshop - Ecards At Their Best- Offers hundreds of images featuring the funny cartoon turtle Jeff Turtle. Each card can be sent to up to 25 persons up to 28 days in advance.

Virtual-Cards- Send free Simpsons greeting cards! Animated Simpsons cards with Simpsons sounds!

CardVibes- Send free animated e-cards @

Cosmo's Productions- Free printable greetings cards, downloadable freeware games, the theory of everything, and much more.

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